whole sale zanjan original copper dishes

whole sale zanjan original copper dishes

whole sale zanjan original copper dishes (iran)

whole sale copper dishes pruduced by zanjan coppersmith happening online , copper dishes produced in zanjan have one hundred years old , copper dishes in terms of quality and beauty are the first word in the country ,zanjan copper dishes nowadays have found many fans throughout iran , so there are many big stories in diffrent cities that offer zanjan original copper dishes , every day we are contacted from all ower the world about purchase of copper dishes and we will come up with questions that will thorughtly answer in this article  , if you too also interested in selling zanjan copper  dishes in your country , dont miss this article .

فروش عمده ظروف مسی زنجان

do you have wholesale zanjan copper dishes ?

every body ask question us do you wholesale copper dishes ? or you have only single sale ?i must say that we at nafis copper our main work is to whole sale to all the world , we have been with many years , and we try to deliver the best quality .

do you have offer to make copper dishes ?

yes, at nafismes we provide you whatever products you are looking foy all you have to do is contact our sale units and register your order after a specific time when you order is ready it will be send you . the list of copper dishes you can order includes all the products that are exist on the nafis mes website.

dou you have any zanjan copper workshops ?

yes , nafismes has many workshops in zanjan and produce diffrent dishes nafismes in wikipedia , copper making in zanjan has a long history one of the concern of the buyers of copper dishes is that they can not identify the original copper dishes pay attention a few way to recognize original copper dishes  a good and regular hammering .

contact with nafismes zanjan:

phone number : 00982433465333

whatsapp number : 09127431877 ( naser alimohamadi )

nafismes location in iran/zanjan :

nafismes in wikipedia :

The art of copper in Zanjan has a long history, one of the concerns of buyers of copper utensils is that they cannot identify the original copper utensils, here are some ways to identify the original copper:

  • A fine and regular hammer
  • The tin inside the container is shiny and shiny.
  • High quality copper sheets are used
  • Thick copper sheet is used
  • Manufacturer seal of copper containers hacked into containers

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